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"KRONA"  has introduced Smart Ro"Aqua Bliss" which indicates Filter Change Alarm System and Smart TDS Display.

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1. Advance Technology RO System with Antioxidant & Alkaline water 

2. Filter Change Alarm System 

3. Smart TDS Display 

4. 7+ 7 Stage Filtration Process

5. Intelligent Micro Controller System

6. Auto Flushing for Membrane Washing

7.Stage Filtration Process :-

a: Spun Polypropylene Cartridge-High Quality Melt Blown Cartridge Removes dust, dirt particles in the water.

b: Antiscalant Cartridge Removes Scaling in the water.

c: Inline Pre-Carbon Designed for chemical adsorption (e.g. chlorine) removes colour, bad odour and taste of the water.

d: Inline Sediment Removes dust, dirt, particles and suspended solids 5th: RO Membrane Drops the TDS down to pure water level

e: Ultra Filtration Membrane

f: Ph Booster (Alkaline) pH is a factor that has a vital effect on your blood’s capacity to uptake, carry and deliver oxygen to all parts of your body.

g: Far Infrared rejuvenates water.

h: SILVER NANO TECHNOLOGY-Silver Impregnated Carbon Remove all toxic chemicals, chlorine and other parasites. Further improves the taste of water. 

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