Water Contamination- A major issue

Today contamination of water is prevelant in almost all parts of the country and is becoming an alarming issue of concern. There are certain factors which are responsible for causing water pollution but one of the major reasons is disposal of untreated sewage into our water bodies. This makes the water sources highly toxic.

Some portion of this sewage percolates into the ground water making it contaminated with life threatening pathogens.

Water Contamination- A major issue

The fact that major contamination of water in India is from residential sewerage cannot be denied.

The sewage water is the breeding ground for deadly micro- organisms which gives rise to a large number of waterborne diseases like Jaundice, cholera and diarrhoea. So there is an urgent need of water purifier in every house to stop the menace caused by contaminated water. Industrial waste is another factor contributing in water contamination. This industrial waste consists of toxic materials and heavy metals which when disposed off into rivers and lakes situated near factories make the water highly toxic.

Pesticides and chemical fertilizers are also leading to contamination of water on large scale. These contaminants alongwith other chemical impurities get mixed into water bodies situated around rural zones and on consumption can play havoc in our lives by making us sick and unhealthy. Hence every possible precaution should be taken to keep our surroundings and water bodies clean so that the problems caused by water contamination can be stopped.

Not only chemicals or micro-organisms pollute water even rust and corrosion of metal pipes and taps can be another reason which cannot be ignored. As there is no single solution for every problem similarly there is no same kind of water purification technique which is ideal for every situation. There is a need for the best water purification system according to the water supply at your home. It is always better to have a customized water purifier for your home to ensure that you are getting the best by drinking water at your place.

Krona water purifier makes use of the cutting edge technology to target particular contaminants which are creating menace in your drinking water supply. Be assured that with Krona water purifier, you and your dear ones can get clean, healthy and safe drinking water without much ado.