How to purify water with water purifier

Although there are many different types of techniques which can be used for purification of water but we need to choose the one which is ideal for our purpose. Selecting the appropriate technology can assure you and your family about drinking of safe, clean and pure water. The various techniques used in purifying water are listed below. These can give us an idea about deciding the best option.

UV Water Purifier

It is a great way to purify the municipal water supply. A UV filter works on the principle of multi stage purification. The pure water is obtained in three stages. In first stage

the suspended impurities like dust and mud are filtered.

The second stage is involved in the removal of pesticides and chemicals which give foul odor and terrible taste to the water thereby improving the quality of water. In the third stage disease causing microbes like bacteria,virus, protozoa are made inactive and can no more multiply. Hence making water fit for consumption.

UV technique guarantees pure water equivalent water boiled for 20 minutes. The best part about UV method is that it eliminates the likelihood of recontamination during cooling which otherwise could not be taken care of in case of  boiling water. Another advantage of UV purification is that it is completely chemical free way of cleaning water and retains all the essential  minerals needed by your body  to stay healthy.


RO Water Purifier

This has become a preferred choice for most of the people today. It is perfect in those areas where hard water is supplied and also where level of Totally Dissolved Salts (TDS) is quite high. In Reverse Osmosis, or RO technology, as the name siggests, water is passed at high pressure through thin film composite membranes. This reduces the amount of salts and minerals present in the water to a great extent and make it healthy and safe for consumption. Hard water is very unsafe as it may contain minerals and salts like arsenic, mercury, lead nitrates and so on so it becomes very important to treat it.

RO technology works in a perfect way to protect you from every kind of waterborne diseases and ensures a healthy supply of water.

Contamination of water has become a widespread problem and needs to be dealt in the best possible way so going for the most advanced method of purifying water will be the best bet. So if you are combating with the problem of hard water or highly contaminated water then the best solution would be to use a blend of UV ROand  technologie.

So be drink clean water and be safe.