How Much Water is enough for you

Water plays an essential role in removing toxins from the body and keep you looking healthy and beautiful. An average human being requires 10-12 glasses of fluids in a day including water, juices, fruits and vegetables, tea and coffee. But water is the best source to keep our body hydrated as we lose fluids throughout the day. Drinking adequate amount of water is not enough but drinking good quality of water is what matters the most.

There are modern methods available like RO water purifiers which work on RO system (Reverse Osmosis System) that cleanse the water that we drink.

Now the point to ponder is what quantity of water is good enough for us? It entirely depends upon the physical condition of a person. if you are consuming healthy diet and include beverages like coconut water and green tea then your need for water will be somewhat less. Moreover, the quantity of water intake also differs from person to person. The below mentioned categories of people require more water than average beings:-

  1. The individuals undergoing strenuous exercise or cardio workout.
  2. The lactating women; and
  3. People suffering from diseases like Malaria, Dengue or chikungunya.

Make sure to drink water from some reliable source so that you may not have to suffer later.

You must keep a water dispenser or a water cooler handy so that you can drink water often although water is a primary source of hydration but not the only one. By drinking endless glasses of water the nutrients lost from our body will not be replenished. We need to look for other sources as well. As there is no single formula that fits everyone in the same way there is no fixed amount of water which everyone should consume. Some people require more water and some require less as per their daily activities.

Earlier experts gave a notion that consuming at least 8 glasses of water fulfills your body’s urge for water for proper functioning. Now this thought has undergone a change. It is believed that water requirement of a person depends on his activity, climate of the place he lives​ in and how much hydration he gets from other sources apart from water. Whatever be your daily water requirement but one thing to keep in mind is that you need to keep yourself well hydrated. As you lose so much water every day in the form of urine, sweating and so on , so it becomes very important to get this water replenished in your body. There are studies which say that drinking plenty of water helps in proper functioning of body and brain and improves mood and concentration power. We know that there are numerous health benefits of drinking water but drinking right amount of water is what counts.

So drinking adequate amount of good quality water along with other fluids is the new MANTRA for healthy living.