Hard Water- No Problem-Get Water Softener

The water which tastes or smells bad and leaves stains on sinks, bathtubs and dishes is probably hard water. The minerals present in hard water clogs the plumbing fixtures and shortens the life of appliances like washing machines, dishwashers and so on. The scale deposit on appliances reduces their efficiency and cost you money in the form of more power consumption and maintenance charges. Thanks to water softener which eliminates the effects of hard water by removing magnesium and calcium from it

Role of water Softener-

1.       In bathroom-Lather will be formed with soap and shampoo. Hair and skin will get cleaned properly and become more soft. No soap scums will be left.

2.       In kitchen –Dishes can be easily cleaned without any soap spots.

3.       In Laundry-Clothes will be shinier, cleaner, softer and whiter. Life of clothes increases.

4.       In the House-Water using appliances will last longer and run better.

Contaminated water was an issue of concern until people realized the importance of water purifier. Now the main issue people are dealing with is the problem of hard water. Hard water contains high quantity of minerals like sulphur, magnesium, iron, calcium, carbonate and manganese. In addition to this the contaminants from sewage, Industrial waste, run off of fertilizers and pesticides also make the water hard.

By using water softener you will actually feel and see the difference for yourself. The best thing about water softener is that it easily removes the effects of hard water. The soft water is the one which is devoid of any excess levels of dissolved minerals and gives you a smooth feeling.

There are multiple ways of making hard water soft. By boiling, the temporary hardness of water can be removed. So for better results cool the boiled water for couple of hours and when minerals settle down, scoop the top of water. Buy a small ion exchange filter which has double filter protection so that contaminants can be removed and water is softened. Make sure to choose the right size and type of water softener as per your water hardness. After getting the water softener installed, do maintain it properly to increase its life.

Hard water does not have serious effects on health but it certainly adds up to your expenses and damage your appliances so go for water softeners which can solve all your problems.