Don’t Drink Water after Fruit Consumption

Fruits are a wonderful and rich source of vitamins and minerals which not only help in reducing weight but are highly recommended for maintaining good health. But eating fruits at the right time and in the

right way is very important to enjoy the health benefits. The best time to eat fruits is in the morning, preferably on an empty stomach or an hour before meals or two hours after a meal or two hours after a meal. Consuming water immediately after eating fruits is not at all right as it can slower digestion, cause digestive problems and have negative consequences on health.

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The major problems that can occur in such case are-

  1. Feeling of Flatulence and stomach cramps-

Consuming water immediately after eating fruits can lead to dilution of stomach acids because fructose and yeast are present in large amounts​ in fruits. This atmosphere favours the growth of yeast and produces carbon dioxide and alcohol which leads to build up of gas in stomach. This is called flatulence and creates a feeling of discomfort and bloating.

  1. Slow activity of stomach-

Drinking water on fruits slows down and obstructs digestive and absorptive capacity of stomach which causes the problem of acidity. This leads to uneasiness and you can get a nasty feeling. So, it is advisable to drink water after one hour of eating fruits.

  1. PH level is disturbed-

Some fruits like cucumber, watermelon, orange, strawberry and muskmelon have high content of water and consuming water on these fruits disrupts the pH (acidity or alkalinity) level of digestive system. A healthy digestive system has a pH range of 1.5-7.0 but any value outside this range indicates digestion issues. An imbalanced pH level makes the stomach less acidic which is not good from digestion point of view.

  1. Blood sugar level is increased-

When we consume water after fruits, the body’s digestive system does not work properly leaving behind a lot of undigested food. This in turn gets converted to fats and raise insulin level. In this way sugar level is increased which could lead to diabetes or obesity.

  1. Gastric juices get diluted-

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It is often advisable to drink water at least one hour before eating fruits because consuming water immediately could dilute the juices present in the stomach. This way lesser digestive enzymes (needed for digestion) may be secreted leading to the problems of heartburn and acidity. Although, it is very good to drink ample amount of water and eat adequate servings of fruits but it should be done in a healthy way. There is an appropriate time for everything and we should follow the practice of eating and drinking in a systematic way. Make sure to have a reasonable time gap between consumption of fruits and water.