10 tips to remove water wastage

Water is very precious and a valuable resource for all the living beings. It is needed for every big or small thing on daily basis. Despite of knowing the benefits of water, we fail to understand how important it is to conserve water. We waste a lot of water by misusing it. We don’t realize that if water supply will get reduced then eco-system and food supply will also be at stake. If we continue wasting water at a rapid rate then the day is not far when we have to face severe consequences due to shortage of fresh water. So become cautious and take steps to conserve water and avoid wastage. Check this list for further assistance on saving water

10 tips to remove water wastage1. Use water-friendly equipments and accessories which cut down the wastage of water. For instance-low flow showerheads, dual flush toilets and water efficient dishwasher. Even installing water saving powerheads can help save gallons of water per minute while brushing or shampooing.

10 tips to remove water wastage

2. Stop the use of bottled water at the earliest because it contains carcinogen, neurotoxin xylene and neurotoxin styrene which are very dangerous for health. Moreover bottled water is the same tap water only which many governments already provide. This tap water tested by the concerned authorities is safe and also has a better taste compared to the bottled water. Bottled water leads to increase in carbon content to a great extent so don’t buy it until and unless a necessity. Be safe and drink healthy water. Substitute bottled water with RO water.

10 tips to remove water wastage

3. Practice rainwater harvesting by digging a rain barrel and using the collected water for irrigation. This way the water which was used for watering plants could be put to some other useful purposes. The rain water which is waste could be utilized in a proper way.

4. Sometimes we waste a lot of water at home like by washing car. It is better to get the car cleaned at a place where recycled water is used. Also be precise in doing your task and do it in the best way.

5. Conserving water does not just mean storing the water in tanks and keeping the taps closed. It also means keeping our lakes and rivers clean

which we contaminate by disposing off chemicals or other pollutants. This

way water becomes of no use and makes you ill.

10 tips to remove water wastage

6. Dripping of water can result in loss of large amounts of water. Get all the leaking taps, pipes, sinks or toilets in your home fixed to avoid water

wastage. Be careful and handle the water-related accessories in your kitchen, toilet and bathroom properly and keep a check on any water drip.

7. All the waste water goes into the soil and contaminates it. So be wise in using water especially while brushing or shaving and wash the dishes and laundry with full load. With little caution today, you can get a joyful life tomorrow.

8. It is essential to water the plants but do not overdo it. Also watering the plants in the morning or in the evening when rate of evaporation is low is the best practice. It is good to have lots of plants in house but choose to have the ones which consume less water.

10 tips to remove water wastage

9. Make the best use of grey water (the water clean enough to be used the second time) to stop the menace of water wastage. Water from sinks,  dishwashers and laundry washer is grey water which is treated to obtain clean water for re-use.

10. As the proverb goes’ charity begins at home, similarly follow it in case of water also. Start conserving water at home first and then report against those who waste water. Also inform about any leakages or water-run off to the concerned authorities.

By following the above mentioned tips, we can contribute greatly in avoiding water wastage. Start realizing the significance of water before it gets too late. So, save water and live happier.